Content Marketing


Many companies use content marketing to attract readers who will become leads and customers. However, that strategy only works if the content is well-planned, valuable to users, and search engine optimized to get sufficient organic traffic.

We specialize in long-form content and blog posts using a four-step process.


Content Marketing Processes


1. Identify content opportunities and gaps

Ideally, we want to find blue ocean content opportunities. We’ll consider the competition and probabilities of ranking for a specific query/keyword where we can’t.

2. Conduct keyword and topic research

Is anyone searching for the topic in question? Keyword research will inform us of that and pinpoint topic/theme clusters to cover in your content.

3. Develop a content plan and strategy

Here’s where we’ll identify buyer personas, plan content, target keywords, draft an outline, and set expectations.

4. Create and optimize content

We’ll create insightful, helpful, and trustworthy content that your audience will love.


What about keeping content fresh and relevant? We can update your content every few months to keep readers and search engines happy.

What about older content that needs refreshing? First, let’s identify and evaluate your historical content for opportunities. Then, we can decide next steps.


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